01 July 1998

Odds 'n Sods

Aside from the routine scratchboard assignments and cartoon projects (cartoons seemed to be the biggest segment of my workload in '98, and the technique I was most accomplished at), I also had a number of oddball assignments that helped keep me from falling into a rut. The above map assignment was fairly straightforward; i.e. a world map, but with the pacific as central to the illustration. I tried to make it more interesting by playing around wth the textures, colors and technique. This one (like most of the maps I do) was for Cobblestone Publishing.

Another project for the same client, was the egyptian mummy themed puzzle illustration pictured below. I don't quite remember the concept behind this one, but it was fun drawing the sarcophagus' and emulating a tomb environment within the puzzle parameters.

I experimented with a painterly style (that I had tried once more for this client a few months earlier) for Newsday on a story about the press and their tendency to latch onto a single story and follow each other's lead like sheep.

Below was probably one of the oddest illustrations I was ever asked to do. This one was for Legal times, and I'll be damned if I can remember what this one was about.