23 July 1998


The above illustration (and one of the rare times I've done a likeness of Ronald Reagan) was for Legal Times in July. I also had a series of small 'president head' spots for Cobblestone Publishing. They wanted to dress up the rather stale portraits with something a bit more 'energetic', so I played around with some design elements to try and jazz them up a bit. The 'design elements' were then used by themselves with a big question mark in the middle for a quiz, something along the lines of 'name that president'. A bit out of character for me, and something I rarely ever did again, but anyways, the portraits came out pretty nice (and I saved another version of each president's head as a black and white version without all the window dressing).

And, while strictly not a 'president', but more along the lines of a 'king', I had the following quickie cartoon for Grand Rapids Magazine (I don't remember the gist of the article, though).

22 July 1998

July Cartoons

The illustration to the left was for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine, Grand Rapids Parent & Grand Rapids Business Journal). Below are a series of 'paper doll' illustrations for my agent, for Metro Parent magazine out of Detroit -- something to do with various kids' activities. This was a fun project, because I wanted to make these 'paper dolls' so they could actually be cut out and used, if the reader wanted to. The tricky part was coming up with a pose that could accomodate each of these different activities.

I also had a few cartoon spots for Interpretor magazine. One of them had to do with a 'roller skating minister', and the other was something to do with 'meeting your flock'.

13 July 1998

July Scratchboards

The above 'occupation pyramid' illustration was for Legal Times. I notice that I stuck a self portrait in the second tier. The illustration to the left was for the Chronicle of Higher Education, as was the 'mortarboard boats' illustration below.

The illustration to the left, about 'open debates' was for Newsday, as was the rather strange illustration below. I think this one had something to do with unscrupulous phone companies switching carriers on unsuspecting long distance customers. I went a little overboard with the special effects on this one. One thing I eventually learned from this intoxicating first year of illustrating digitally, was to avoid using all the bells and whistles, and to stick to learning to draw better.

07 July 1998

Some Additional July Work

Stumbled across a couple more illustrations for the month of July. The one above was for the Christian Reformed Church here in Grand Rapids, and had something to do with 'jobs in the church', perhaps for their monthly magazine, The Banner.

Also, I had a rather oddball illustration for Oxendine Publishing (Student Leader) this month. Usually I provide small spot illustrations, but in this instance he wanted something a little bit bigger. I don't remember what this one was about, other than it had a 'gilligan's island' theme.

01 July 1998

Odds 'n Sods

Aside from the routine scratchboard assignments and cartoon projects (cartoons seemed to be the biggest segment of my workload in '98, and the technique I was most accomplished at), I also had a number of oddball assignments that helped keep me from falling into a rut. The above map assignment was fairly straightforward; i.e. a world map, but with the pacific as central to the illustration. I tried to make it more interesting by playing around wth the textures, colors and technique. This one (like most of the maps I do) was for Cobblestone Publishing.

Another project for the same client, was the egyptian mummy themed puzzle illustration pictured below. I don't quite remember the concept behind this one, but it was fun drawing the sarcophagus' and emulating a tomb environment within the puzzle parameters.

I experimented with a painterly style (that I had tried once more for this client a few months earlier) for Newsday on a story about the press and their tendency to latch onto a single story and follow each other's lead like sheep.

Below was probably one of the oddest illustrations I was ever asked to do. This one was for Legal times, and I'll be damned if I can remember what this one was about.