05 June 1998

Temptations vs Traditions

The above illustration was for Christian Home and School, a local publication who I had been working for since the early 90s. One of the big temptations of working digitally, I found, especially in that first year, was in the utilization of imagery found off the internet. Either as a time saving device, like the 'periodic table' poster or 'world map' poster that I used in the classroom, or as part of a visual joke like the 'mona lisa' that I used on the kid's easel out in the courtyard. Of the three collage elements, the only one that works well is the 'mona lisa', but even that, if I had done this today ('08), I would only use it as reference material, and recreate the painting using the materials that would match the rest of the page. I think the found materials just stick out like a sore thumb on this illustration, and I'm glad to say that I rarely ever did it again (except in the case of depictions of 'money', which took me more than a couple years to figure out a good solution to).