29 June 1998

Color Scratchboards in June

The 'godzilla' illustration above was for The Recorder, concerning japanese takeover court decisions that were in danger of undermining the US Constitution. For the time, and my relative inexperience at full page illustrations in Scratchboard, and in using 'collage' techniques (for the constitution image which was lifted from the internet), this wasn't half bad. The buildings are a little crude, the Constitution image left a bit to be desired, but you can really tell I was having a lot of fun with this image. I grew up on a steady diet of Japanese monster movies, and I loved the chance to pay homage to those icons.

For Mary Higgins Clark's Mystery Magazine this month, I had a second series of 'character portraits'. The trick with these, was to show the character, without focusing too much on a face, but to show a lot of the environment, and situations that these famous recurring mystery lit characters dressed themselves in. I believe I did another portrait of this 'taxi/guitar' character above the following year, at least based on the visual clues (I'm not overly familiar with this character). I was, however, pretty familiar with a couple of the characters this month (Rumpole and Dortmunder below), which was a fun treat. This magazine didn't last long on the newsstand, which was a pity, because I really enjoyed these assignments while they lasted.