04 May 1998

May Scratchings

The above 'Seinfeld' caricature was for Newsday to accompany an article about the show's final episode. Around this time, caricature assignments were rather few and far between, so I took the opportunity to have fun with it.

The illustration to the left was for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and probably had something to do with labor negotiations.

The illustration above and below were both for Newsday, both 'same day' assignments, and I remember being quite pleased with how both of these turned out. Looking back at them from ten years on, I can see some things I would do differently today, but I still think they hold up pretty well.

The 'copy machine guru' illustration to the right was for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I don't quite remember the story behind this one. Below is a story on 'big tobacco' for Legal Times. I seem to remember this one getting some reprint interest a month or so later, oddly enough, as I wasn't all that blown away by it. Shows what I know.

The 'Clinton fixing leaks' illustration below was another for the same client. I had a hard time capturing Bill's likeness all the way through his presidency, even though I had plenty of opportunities to practice it. I only think I got good at him in the one illustration I did of him long after he left office. Oddly enough, I ended up doing a very similar illustration of George Bush nearly 8 years later (in the basement, fixing leaks).