01 December 1997

Experiments and Unpublished Whatnots

During these first few months working digitally, I was spending a great deal of my spare time getting familiar with the software, experimenting with different techniques and doing a fair share of unpublished work that eventually just ended up in a forgotten file folder on my desktop. Until now. The above 'peacock' illustration was an early experiment in working with scratchboard as a 'color' technique. I eventually discarded this idea as impractical, and due to the fact that it didn't resemble anything duplicatable in the real world, and I wanted to keep my work 'looking somewhat real'. The caricature to the left was another experiment around this time using a similar technique.

The Robert Mitchum portrait above was a bit more along the lines of a 'traditional scratchboard', but I was trying to do a 'big portrait' and forcing myself to try and work in a slightly looser style than I usually do. I wasn't entirely happy with the results, but it was a good learning experience.

The quick oil study to the left was one I did of my son sometime around the fall of '97 (the exact dates of these early experiments are hard to pinpoint, as they all ended up being saved in a file with the same date).

The following two scratchboard illustrations were both finished versions of 'rejected sketches' for other assignments that I decided to finish up on the off chance that they might find homes elsewhere on the reprint market. I was working with a reprint syndicate at the time, and would often just send in illustrations like these as a form of spec work.