11 November 1997

Cartoons 'n Such

I had my first 'digital' assignments from Cobblestone Publishing this month. The above Civil War map/lettering was for one of the 'history' publications and the Quebec map below was for one of their 'geography' titles.

The mini portraits to the left were for Zillions magazine (the 'kids version' of Consumer Reports). This was for a 'puzzle' page and I don't quite remember the gist of it, but it was interesting to mix caricatures of famous people like Tim Allen and Courteney Cox (who I had no idea who she was), but also mythical figures like Paul Bunyan and cartoon characters like Dilbert. (actually, I kind of like my Dilbert design better than the original)

I also had a first digital color assignment this month from Strang Communications (another long time client since around '92). This one was a two page spread involving 'cleaning out your closets', and included all sorts of evangelical 'no-nos' like ouija boards, adult magazines, rock n roll posters etc etc. Kind of a stylistic mess, as I tried to use way too many bells and whistles without regard to whether they looked good together or not.

I also had a trio of black and white illustrations for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine, Grand Rapids Parent & Business Journal). These were all very similar in style to what I was doing befor the digital switchover, and look fairly crude to my eyes now, over ten years later.