24 October 1997

October Scratchboards

2nd month of digital work, and still getting used to the new materials. The above illustration was for the National Business Employment Weekly, who kept me fairly busy over the next year, but unfortunately folded near the end of '98.

The illustrations to the left and right were bookend drawings for an article on race relations for Grand Rapids Magazine. I usually provided cartoon work for this client, but they wanted to try something a little harder edged for this particular story.

I had a few illustrations this month for the Chronicle of Higher Education. The 'pegboard' illustration, the 'SAT' illustration and the 'dollar sword' below that were all for this client during the month of October.

I also had a small logo design project for a local comedy troupe. I seem to remember this was a job that came to me through Grand Rapids Magazine, where my wife worked at the time.

I also had a couple illustrations for Newsday. One of them a 'militia man' illustration, and the other a same day editorial piece on the 'promise keepers'.

And finally, for Legal Times, I had a caricature of Bill Clinton (and not a particularly good one). This one seems to be a strange hybrid between my scratchboard and cartoon styles.