15 August 1997

End of Chapter One

August of '97 would prove to be the end of an era in regards to how I went about creating art. This was the last month in which I worked with art materials on actual paper, at least as far as my 'paying work' goes. In looking through the invoices for August, I recognized very few of the job descriptions, with the exception of these two illustrations which I have scanned and posted here. These were both for Newsday, and were cover illustrations for special supplements. The one above was for a summer music/picnic festival, and the one below was for a 'fall arts guide'. The scanning doesn't do justice to the colors of the originals on these, they are much more colorful and vibrant than they are shown here.

All traditional media original artwork that I post on this site is available for purchase (April '89 through August '97). Contact the illustrator for details.