15 March 1997

A Riot

Going through the invoices for March of '97, I recognized an assignment that still has a corresponding piece of original artwork in the file drawers. This assignment for an east coast design firm was for a magazine article about some riots that took place in the 1800s. The invoice mentioned 3 illustrations, but I was only able to find 2 to post here. This is a pretty good example of one of my better 'color' scratchboards from around this time.

Adding color to scratchboard was always a tricky matter in the early days. I used Dr. Martin's Dyes, and if I kept it light enough, I could still scratch in the occasional highlight after the color was applied. The biggest problem was in eliminating the dust that was created during the black and white phase. No matter how carefully you erased and wiped the board, you still got a certain amount of dust in the watercolors, which dulled the colors just a little bit. I've heard of some artists who would photocopy the black and white art onto quality paper and then color onto that, but I never got around to trying that method.