17 January 1997

A year like any other .. or so I thought.

The above illustration was for Legal Times in January. This was the only illustration that rang a bell while I was looking through the invoice archives for January of '97. I also did a 'face changing' puzzle toy design for a local toy manufacturer, but that is elaborated on in February '97's post.

According to my invoices, I had a few new clients this month, although I don't remember the projects. The State Journal Register, and Wildlife Conservation magazine.

The year started out in typical routine fashion. A lot of the same old clients, the same old jobs, the same old methods. I was starting to feel the 'seven year itch' pretty severely. I had a hard time working up enthusiasm for jobs, and was looking desperately for other creative outlets (probably where the urge to start a poetry magazine came from). But then in the second half of the year, my wife brought home a toy that changed everything.