18 September 1996

Life Drawings

I seem to remember taking another life drawing course at our local community college sometime in the mid-nineties, but the dates escape me. I'm not even completely sure about which drawings to assign to this time period, but I'm pretty sure about these three. This was a more advanced classroom situation than some of them have been, and there was a bit more experimentation with mediums, and longer time spent on single poses, rather than the quick gestures that take up much of a beginner's class (although it is usually common to start out each and every class with a certain amount of gesture drawing as a way of loosening up). The above drawing was a rare attempt at oil pastels. I'm only slightly less intimidated by this medium than I am by oil paints. I frequently overwork the colors until they become mud. This one wasn't too bad.

15 September 1996

Newspaper Work

Both of these pieces were probably for Newsday during the mid to late 90s. I can't find the exact date in my records, but judging from the style, I'd say it was probably '95 or '96. (perhaps the one above was sometime around the fall of '96 when the republicans gained control of the house and senate).

Also, around this time, I got my first assignment for a west coast magazine, Critical Care Nurse (Innovision). This client would use me a few times prior to the digital switchover in '97, but would really start giving me monthly work a few years later.