17 July 1996

Book Project

In the summer of '96 I had a couple additional book projects for St Mary's Press in Minnesota. I had done a few books for this client in previous years, and both times previously they had flown me out to their offices for consultations, something I didn't have to do for these two projects (they must've gotten comfortable working with me long distance). This first one was a book on grief and dying, and was the larger of the two projects, consisting of 45 color illustrations and a smattering of black and white line art pieces. I did these in a line art plus watercolor style to keep things lighter and not quite so intense. The other book is mentioned in a separate posting this month.

The book is still available used on Amazon (link here)

13 July 1996

Book Project

This was the second of two book projects that I worked on this month for St Mary's Press. This one was about spirituality at work and required 6 black and white chapter opener illustrations. The book appears to still be available used at Amazon (link here)