15 February 1996


This was a project that I had completely forgotten about, and when I ran across the listing in my invoices, I was convinced that I no longer had the artwork. I was looking for another piece of art that I thought I may have saved down in the basement flat files, when I ran across a folder with all the originals for this book. I've chosen a sampling of some of the better pieces from this project to post here.

This was a wiccan book for Llewellyn Worldwide. They wanted 15 or so black and white illustrations. I wanted to do them a little different than my usual scratchboard technique, and tried to emulate old woodcut illustrations from the middle ages. I liked the 'naked on a goat' picture well enough, that I reused it again for a self promo brochure later in the year.

The book can still be found here used on Amazon.

About a decade later, I would once again pick up this client and do several more books along these lines, including several color cover illustrations.