15 September 1996

Newspaper Work

Both of these pieces were probably for Newsday during the mid to late 90s. I can't find the exact date in my records, but judging from the style, I'd say it was probably '95 or '96. (perhaps the one above was sometime around the fall of '96 when the republicans gained control of the house and senate).

Also, around this time, I got my first assignment for a west coast magazine, Critical Care Nurse (Innovision). This client would use me a few times prior to the digital switchover in '97, but would really start giving me monthly work a few years later.

15 August 1996

Color Postcard

This postcard was probably sent out sometime in '95 or '96. This was a recycle of some artwork I had done for a local design client. A bit larger than most of the postcards I send out, this one was about 6x8, and the printing came out pretty nice on it (the scan isn't quite so nice). I don't remember what ever became of the original art, so this scan was of one of the postcard samples I had in my files.

12 June 1996

Painting Fever

Sometime in the late 90s, I got the urge to paint some extracurricular works. Had no set ideas in mind, just a pile of old canvas gathering dust, and lots of jumbo tubes of Acrylic paint that I somehow acquired over the past few years for various projects. I worked purely in a stream of consciousness mode, painting a bit on this canvas, then switching to another, adjusting, reworking, adding, subtracting. I ended up with about 5 or 6 paintings of various sizes, all pretty similar to the one above. This is the only one that I saved. I never did figure out which side was 'up', or whether this would be vertical or horizontal.

Addendum: I now remember where all the extra tubes of Acrylic paint came from. Around this same time, I volunteered to paint a mural for my son's Montessori school in their sixth grade classroom. This was a Natural History timeline depicting various lifeforms througout the different eras, trilobites, dinosaurs, etc. I think I had a lot more ambition than skill in taking on this project, and wasn't entirely happy with how it turned out, but the school seemed to appreciate it. (It was also kind of fun to paint in front of my son on a daily basis for a few months, as this took place in his classroom).

02 June 1996


This one was probably for the Chronicle of Higher Education (judging from the mortarboard on top of the pillar), probably sometime in the late 90s, but I can't find the exact date.

13 May 1996

Legal Art

These two illustrations were for Legal Times. 'Uncle Sam' was in May of '96 and I'm not sure about the date of the 'umbrella' illustration below, but I'm guessing it was probably nearer to the end of my 'traditional media' days, perhaps sometime in early '97.

Also in May of '96 I started hearing from a Jesuit publication, America magazine. They started out purchasing reprints of art that had appeared in US Catholic, but several years later they started purchasing original commissioned work.

10 May 1996

Mystery Assignments

Judging from the style of this one, I'm guessing that this piece was completed sometime around mid '96 or early '97. I can't find a match in my invoices with a description that sounds like anything similar. My memory tells me that I did this for Newsday, but I can't find any corraborating evidence for that notion.