18 February 1995

Children's Stories

In February (and probably a few months prior), I took part in illustrating several children's stories for local publisher, Christian Schools International (they were associated with Christian Home & School, a magazine I had been working for during the past year). There were four volumes, if I remember correctly, and my art graced the cover of one of them (pictured to the left). Several stories in each volume featured illustrations by me, but I was only one of many illustrators hired to fill the pages of this book. I've since misplaced all the artwork for these (if they were ever returned, I don't remember), and I used to have copies of the books, but I seem to have mislaid them as well.

Amazingly, these are still in print, and available (for a hefty sum) from the publisher (link here)

Also, over January and February I gained a few new clients; Home Office Computing and Writer's Digest.