15 April 1992


This illustration was for the American Medical Association, about treating alcoholism. The original artwork has since been misplaced, but I found this copy in one of the mailers that I sent out the following year.

I also had a few other new clients this month of a 'mouthpiece' nature. I did a piece on baseball superstitions for the Lions Club magazine (I don't remember this one AT ALL), and I got a spot assignment for the ABA Banking Journal.

13 April 1992

Book Projects

In April of '92 I had my third book assignment from Eerdmans Publishing. This was an 'earth friendly' kids book from a christian perspective (cherishing god's creation etc), paperback, with a color cover and back cover illustration and a whole bunch of inside spots, all done in a loose cartoon style (that was still rather primitive looking at this early stage in my career. The book is still available used on Amazon for mere pennies (link here)

The book was laid out in a faux 'newspaper style' with articles and headlines and little factoids sprinkled around. Most of the illustrations inside were black and white line drawings with spot color added. I remember going in to see the designer, and her having a fondness for my 'rats' (which I used as a continuing motif throughout the book), and her having little cut out snippets of them sprinkled all over her desk (this was back in the days of 'paste up' before computer aided design).

Also this month, I had a couple book cover assignments for Baker Book House. One was a caricature grouping for the cover of a book entitled 6000 Sermon illustrations (still available used on Amazon link here), and another was for the cover of a trade catalog. I found an image of the book cover online (pictured left), and I may or may not still have the original art for the trade catalog cover which I may post at a later date. I also had a pastel cover assignment from David C. Cook Publishing out of Colorado, but my records are spotty on this one, and don't know the name of the book.

01 April 1992

Postcard Series

Sometime in '92 I sent out a series of postcards on a monthly basis, with similar design, as a way of beating clients over the head with my presence. Of the four, I think I was most pleased (then and now) with the image above, for reasons of style and concept. I'm getting to the point in my 'self promotion history', where I loook back at these promotional pieces and wonder how I managed to attract any clients at all.