12 December 1992

Bible comics

Around this time, I started working with the Christian Reformed Church in illustrating their school curriculum booklets. This was an ongoing project that lasted for several years, in an on-again, off-again basis. Usually these came in bundles of anywhere from 5 to 25 illustrations at a time, and were in many different styles and formats. This particular one appears to be some sort of writing/drawing activity, filling in the blanks in the story. The purple background wasn't part of my original illustration, but it appears that the designer used scizzors to cut out my art and paste it to a piece of purple construction paper.

The middle east map below was another one from this same early batch of illustrations.

04 December 1992

More Religious Work

These two samples were for the Christian Reformed Church's ongoing curriculum project.

01 December 1992

Xmas Party 1992

Presumably in a fit of nostalgia, after two years of pushing the envelope with regards to style for the annual xmas party invite, I went back to the original style of black and white printed on red astrobrite paper. These annual xmas party invites (which ran from 1984-1995) were thought lost, until I discovered a stash of them in my father's keepsake drawer in 2014 when he passed away.

More Bible Studies

These small spots were also part of the Christian Reformed Church's school curriculum project. One of several in this early batch from December of 92. These particular illustrations appeared in a faux 'newspaper layout' about early christian martyrs.