12 November 1989

More Early Postcard Mailings

Here are some more black and white postcards that I sent out that first year in business. If I remember correctly, I usually had these printed up 4 to a page and sent them out every other week, as a way of bombarding potential clients.

By November of '89, I had a couple clients who were starting to use me on a regular basis, and I started doing a bit of work for a local department store, designing artwork for their newspaper ads (Steketees, which is now no longer in business). Aside from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, though, the client list was still primarily Grand Rapids based. This would change beginning on nearly the last day of the year.

05 November 1989

Another great adventure begins

Our little 'bundle of joy' around 6:30 on a Sunday night, after a very quick delivery. Keenan Patrick Foley. As I'm writing this (2008), he is now in his final year of high school, and planning on attending Columbia College in Chicago in the fall.

UPDATE (2010): Went to Columbia College in the fall of 2008, and he is now halfway through his junior year. Studying Jazz Saxophone performance as a music major, with the possibility of also going into some sort of writing/English in graduate school. A good looking kid, taller than his old man (and much smarter).