04 September 1984

My Life in Pictures Part Nineteen: Degas

The impressionists were very popular among my classmates in art school, especially the girls. Over the years I've seen so much of this stuff, either reprinted on posters or greeting cards to the point where much of it, especially Monet, gets a bit tiresome and overexposed to me. But I've always had a soft spot for Degas, and his was the work that I spent more time looking at and being inspired by during the eighties than any other artist. When I started dabbling in pastels in the late eighties, naturally, I was heavily influenced by his techniques and style.

I've had several opportunities to see original pieces of this artist, from the Art Institute of Chicago to Museums in Los Angeles and a recent exhibition of his small sculptures at our own local Botanical Garden. Somehow his work seems to remain fresh to my eyes while some of the other impressionists leave me cold.