01 September 1980

My Life in Pictures Part Thirteen: Kendall College of Art and Design Year One

I wasn't much prepared for life after high school. The idea that I was expected to find a college to attend was a rushed, last-minute decision that I only began to investigate late in my senior year of high school. I ended up only applying to one school, Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, that I only knew about because a friend from high school in the previous class had also gone there. I had a vague idea that I would probably go into 'art' or 'design' or 'illustration' as a career, but other than that, my future ahead looked murky and indistinct.

I did surprisingly well in my first year of school, making the dean's list, and keeping up with assignments. The savings from my summer job quickly evaporated in that first six months, though, and I had to move from my single apartment into a shared housing arrangement with a fellow student for the spring semester (with distractions and personal situations that came with it, my roommate being an alcoholic with spousal abuse issues). Money problems began to be more and more of an issue that spring, and after the conclusion of my first year of college, I returned home for the summer, and got another summer job working at Burger King in Flint to try and build up another 'nest egg'.

Unfortunately, no college era work has survived.