28 December 1978

My Life in Pictures Part Eight: LP Covers

LP artwork was another major inspiration when I was first starting out, but unfortunately was an evolutionary dead end that was nearing the end of its lifespan just as I was about to take my first steps. My exposure to most of them was by flipping through them in the record bins at the store, and some I was familiar with thanks to a picture book of 'album illustration' that I owned in high school. A few albums I had in my collection (above), but for the most part, the artwork frequently spoke to me louder than the music, and in many cases, I haven't even heard the music that these album covers adorned (like the 'Moby Grape' cover below).

A few artists grabbed my attention in a big way when I was a teenager, like Roger Dean's fanciful covers for the group 'Yes', and some of the artists I would become more familiar with later. For instance, Richard Corben, who did the 'Meat Loaf' cover above, was a frequent contributor to the 'Heavy Metal' comic book, and the illustrators for the 'Little Feat' and the 'Claude Bolling' album covers would pop up frequently in illustration annuals that I would pour over in the 80s.

I had ambitions of becoming an 'album cover artist' when I first started college, but little did I know that albums would be on their way out before the decade was through. I would eventually do a smattering of cd cover designs during my freelance career, but it really wasn't quite the same thing. You really don't sit and listen to a cd and stare at the cover like you used to do when you got a new album. Those days are gone for good.