26 November 2014

Website Facelift and Blog Relocation


Three years since I've relocated this blog to my new website. I've been fairly happy with the new platform, and I've been slowly moving the older posts from this site over into an archive at the new location (as of March of 2017, I've managed to move almost 9 years worth of posts over to the new site, and the process continues). The art samples are much bigger, and the interface is much cleaner and integrates directly into my personal site. New posts are now found at www.timfoley.com, with the most recent blog post on the main menu page, and various archives available under the menu bar.

12 November 2008

The Usual Suspects

Most of the work in these first few weeks of November were courtesy of a few of my 'regular clients', and I thank my lucky stars for them every day. The illustrations on the top half of this post are all for the Wall Street Journal. The illustration above was for the bi-monthly 'aches & claims' column which I have been doing for going on seven years now. This was a rather nice one, so I've posted it a little bigger than usual (they normally appear in the paper around the 1x2 inch size - not always in color).
The illustration to the left, for the same client, was one of two illustrations for an article about Medicare and drug plans. The other was a small 'logo/icon' to go with the title 'the medicare maze'.

And very soon after, for the same client, I had a black and white 'collage' illustration, also having to do with medicare and elder care. This was a longer horizontal, and ran along the top of a couple of columns (pictured below)

I also had a few assignments over the past few weeks for the Chronicle of Higher Education. The first one had to do with internet access and providers who are starting to police and restrict usage amounts. The next two, which are appearing in a special supplement, have to do with University Professors and salaries.

03 November 2008

October Wrapup

One of the more interesting illustration assignments I had over the past week or so, was an assignment for Barrons about hedge fund managers. I haven't had a Barrons assignment since early in the year, so it was nice to work with them again. For some reason, a lot of my favorite illustrations of the past few years have been for this client. This was an interesting one, in that I did this one completely without taking reference photos, and the figures turned out quite nice.

Over the weekend, I had an assignment for the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong. This was another travelogue assignment. I also had a puzzle page assignment for Highlights come due earlier in the week, and despite the cartoon style, this one was quite labor intensive. The actual layout has these groups of three panels side by side, but I have split up the layout to show more of the small details. Using visual clues, you are supposed to put these six panels in chronological order.

Been doing quite a bit of this cartoon style over the past month, as I had a larger assignment from Adventure House publishers for an upcoming textbook. Many small spot illustrations on various topics (I've posted a few samples of the previous batch earlier in October), and may post a few samples from the second half of the month later on.

25 October 2008

Witches again for Halloween

Had another Witch's Companion cover for Llewellyn Publishing this fall. Similar in layout to the one from last year, but I liked how this one turned out a little better. The leaves were a lot of fun, and I got to do a little field research every time I went out to play disc golf at our local park, picking up interesting leaves for reference materials.

I had a series of four spot illustrations last Thursday for the Wall Street Journal. A tighter deadline than usual for this one, with the job coming in at 3 in the afternoon, and finals due by 5:30. I don't mind tight deadlines, but sometimes when conceptualizing is also part of the deal, it can be a little stressful. I managed to get it done with ten minutes to spare.

This past weekend, I had a series of three illustrations for the Chronicle of Higher Education. One in color, and two in black and white. I also spent a great deal of the remainder of the week on another series of spot illustrations for Adventure House Publishing (but will post a sampling of these later on).